Jimbo Darville & the Truckadours

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Bringing back the classic sounds of old time truck drivin' music with a modern flair, Jimbo Darville & the Truckadours have recaptured the vintage feel of the legendary life of a trucker! Enjoy them pickin' and grinnin' about the trials and tribulations of a driver, his rig, truckstops, smokey bears, & women across the land!


"It was a high energy night of great entertainment... The sound was textbook traditional country... This crowd was primed for real country, so it went over well... The Truckadours have a clear niche and it’s clear they have an audience for this classic sound." more…
          - Jason Goldman


 “Welcome to Gear-jammin’ 101”
          - The Pitch, Kansas City


“Jimbo and the Truckadours rolled back through town for a one-night-only truck-a-thon! We’ve seen these guys (and gal) before, but they get better each time. All of the bands that use the word ‘truck’ or ‘trucker’ in their name should have a listen... Jimbo Darville and the Truckadours ARE truck drivin’ music...PERIOD!"
          - Atlanta Music Guide


 "The band’s stage setup came complete with an honest-to-God chrome semi grill, behind which Jimbo and the boys (and girl) poured out a slew of perfect truck-driving country... Darville’s deep baritone often recalled the likes of C.W. McCall or Merle Haggard as he led the band, and the audience, on imaginary highways, alone with nothing but a rig and a radio for company."
          - Denver Post


 “These guys are no joke... makes me want to change my handle to ‘Snowman’ and bootleg a truck full of Coors across the Texarkana line with the ‘Bandit’ running blocker.”
          - 99.5 WYCD


 “...Local Sensation... Get here early because they pack the house!”
          - Zio’s Alley Bar


“Truck Drivin’ Music Legends...
1960’s Dave Dudley, Dick Curless
1970’s Red Sovine, Jerry Reed
1980’s Red Simpson, Del Reeves, & all of the above
1990’s ???
2000’s Jimbo Darville”
          - The Nashville Numbers